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HairClone welcomes summer interns

By July 21, 2023July 27th, 20232 Comments

Through the University of Birmingham B-Experienced Internship Scheme, HairClone is pleased to introduce our new interns: Jemma Holland and Meghna Singh. The scheme works to connect local businesses of the Birmingham area with current students and recent graduates from the University of Birmingham. By allowing students to join projects both virtually and in-person, the scheme grants the opportunity of skill development, as well as invaluable work experience.

Preparing to undertake laboratory-based research in her upcoming Masters in Biochemistry, Jemma enjoys working collaboratively and has a strong interest in genetics, alongside cell biology. She resonates with HairClone’s passion for improving lives, with her own career aspirations of improving human wellbeing.

Undertaking an administrative and marketing role, she will be completing key duties to assist with the smooth-running of HairClone and promote the work being carried out. This involves generating patient documents, streamlining data, and content creation. Check out our social media pages to see her latest posts here.

With future plans to progress into the field of genomic medicine, Meghna is intrigued by HairClone’s research on the role of genetics underpinning androgenic alopecia and is excited to expand practical skills such as cell culturing as well as follicle dissection.

Within the HairClone laboratory, Meghna will be working with HairClone’s Head of Research, Dr Jennifer Dillon, to analyse cellular markers present on dermal papilla cells from human hair follicles. This involves the experimental technique of flow cytometry – the use of lasers to analyse cells by producing fluorescence. These fluorescent signals then act as a cellular foot-print of sorts, allowing the confirmation of the types of cells present. This work will aid in progressing HairClone’s cell therapy into clinical reality.

Jemma and Meghna are both enthusiastic and excited as they begin their journey as part of the Birmingham HairClone team. We look forward to working with them both over the course of their internships and helping them to expand their skills and knowledge.