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Dr Marie Schambach is first Central American clinic to join HairClone’s network

By September 11, 2023One Comment

HairClone is pleased to welcome Dr Marie Schambach as a Banking Associate with planned subsequent Clinical Partner status! Dr Schambach founded the Schambach Hair Clinic in Guatemala where she has been performing surgical hair transplantations since 2010.

Dr Schambach is a well-respected and highly accomplished individual within the fields of hair restoration and hair research. As a previous president of the Ibero-American Society of Hair Transplantation (SILATC) and an active member of multiple societies including the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), Dr Schambach is a valuable addition to HairClone.

As a Banking Associate, Dr Schambach will be the first clinic in Central America to offer HairClone’s follicle banking service to her patients. The service cryopreserves around 100-120 surgically extracted hair follicles, each containing a reservoir of cells with potential applications for regenerative therapies that are currently in the pipeline.

Current therapies under development include HairClone’s personalised cell therapy for the treatment of androgenic alopecia. HairClone is able to multiply dermal papilla cells from within the cryopreserved hair follicle and plan to inject the cells into thinning regions with the aim of rebuilding and thickening hair.

The Schambach Hair Clinic is recognised as a leading practice in Central America for its innovative surgical techniques and outstanding personalised patient care. Both surgical and non-surgical treatment options are available to patients at the Schambach Hair Clinic following an in-depth hair analysis and diagnosis. The latest techniques in transplantation surgery are provided by the clinic alongside a large selection of non-surgical treatment options ranging from cosmetics to topical treatments and injectable medications.

HairClone welcomes Dr Schambach into our clinical network and look forward to working together.