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Medical Director of HairClone, Dr Bessam Farjo, has been featured in the latest issue of the Tatler Magazine. The article, published in the Tatler Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2024, features HairClone’s follicle banking service, offered by The Farjo Hair Institute, as the latest preventative option for ‘future proofing your locks’ from hair loss.

Featured under ‘For Hair Loss-Prone heads’, the article discusses HairClone’s established follicle banking procedure whereby 100-120 hair follicles are surgically removed for cryopreservation at -196ºC. HairClone has developed the technology to multiply dermal papilla cells in hair follicles from thousands into millions of cells.

HairClone aims to inject these cells into thinning regions of the scalp in order to rebuild and rejuvenate miniaturising hairs. Whilst traditional hair transplants implant whole hair follicles into the scalp, HairClone’s cell-based therapy aims to inject the dermal papilla cells into thinning regions of the scalp to rejuvenate rather than replace miniaturising hair follicles.

Hair follicles contain dermal papilla cells at the base that are responsible for determining thickness of the hair shaft. In androgenic alopecia these cells are lost, causing follicles to miniaturise and give the appearance of hair loss. These cells can be viably cryopreserved long-term until they are required and are able to be used clinically.

Although dermal papilla cell injections are not yet available, HairClone is close to clinical testing of this innovative approach. Banking is the first stage of the process and removal of hair follicles for banking can be performed at numerous HairClone partner clinics globally.

The 2024 edition of Tatler Magazine marks the 20 year anniversary of the Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide. In celebration, a list of Britain’s top 50 doctors within aesthetic medicine was curated. Dr Farjo, co-founder of the Farjo Hair Institute, was named as a leading hair loss doctor alongside a line-up of renowned cosmetic and medical doctors.

As mentioned in the Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide, the earlier the follicles are banked the better. Cryopreserving the follicles whilst they are still healthy ‘stops the clock’ on ageing and maintains the cells in their highest quality, even if they are not needed for decades.

The Tatler is a British magazine publication established in 1709. Now published monthly by Condé Nast Publications in print and online formats, the Tatler features articles on a range of topics from the latest news to the royals and health and aesthetics. Dr Farjo and HairClone’s feature can be found with the March issue.