Working to make hair loss history

Working to make hair loss history

HairClone® is a unique Biotechnology Company

working with clinics and patients to bring Hair Rejuvenation and regeneration into routine clinical practice

Business Concept

HairClone® was founded to work in close and continual collaboration with clinicians and patients with a single aim- to develop clinical therapies for the treatment of androgenic alopecia in men and women.

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HairClone’s Approach

Through collaboration with leading scientists, HairClone® has developed a system to multiply follicle cells in culture in order to rebuild and convert rejuvenate thinning hairs. Research is ongoing to also produce hair rudiments that could be used to generate new hair follicles.

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Clinical Development

HairClone® is working with preeminent hair transplant clinicians around the world to carry out clinical research in order to optimise the various systems required to make cell based hair treatments successful therapies.

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Hair Follicle Banking

HairClone® has launched the World’s First Licensed Follicle Banking Service, allowing clients to store a small number of hair follicles for future cell isolation and expansion.

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