Working to make hair loss history

Working to make hair loss history

HairClone™ is a new and unique Biotechnology Company

Together with our partner Clinicians and Patients, we are working to bring Hair Cloning into routine clinical practice and make hair loss a thing of the past.

Business Concept

HairClone™ was founded to work in close and continual collaboration with clinicians and patients with a single aim- to develop a clinical therapy for the treatment of androgenic alopecia in men and women.

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Hair Cloning Research

HairClone™ is collaborating with leading scientists to develop systems that expand follicle cells in culture and maintain their follicle inducing potential.

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Clinical Development

HairClone™ is working with preeminent hair transplant clinicians to carry out clinical research in order to optimise the various systems required to make Hair Cloning a successful therapy.

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Hair Follicle Banking

HairClone™ will offer a hair follicle banking service which will allow clients to store a small number of hair follicles for future expansion.

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Help us make hair loss history

You can help in a variety of ways. From interacting with us through our surveys, taking part in the clinical research programs, participating in reward and equity based crowd-funding or joining our Clinical Partner program.  

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  • Dr. Claire Higgins joins Scientific Advisory Board
    Claire from Imperial College London is a leading hair researcher studying how the dermal papilla and the bulge (the epithelial stem...
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