Our Treatment

Personalised Cell Therapy

Hair follicles contain dermal papilla (DP) cells that control hair growth. More DP cells = thicker hairs.

Research has shown that injecting DP cells into the skin can increase the thickness of hairs. HairClone aim to use this ability to rejuvenate miniaturising hair follicles.

HairClone have developed a method to grow millions of DP cells from only a small number of hair follicles. Cells will be injected into thinning regions with the aim to reprogram miniaturising follicles into non-miniaturising ones to irreversibly thicken hairs.

More DP cells = thicker hair


HairClone’s innovative approach

HairClone’s revolutionary new treatment aims to maintain hair density throughout life.

HairClone’s approach of follicle rejuvenation treats hairs as they actively miniaturise and will not prevent further, untreated hairs from miniaturising. It is likely that treatment will need repeating every 2-3 years if or when new areas start to miniaturise.


When will treatment be available?

HairClone have partnered with a fully regulated cell manufacturing facility to enable the multiplication (expansion) of cells from cryopreserved follicles ready to begin clinical testing.

Special UK authorisation will allow HairClone to offer a ‘Cell Expansion Service’ prior to gaining a full marketing licence for the cell therapy internationally, accelerating the use of the technology.

We expect this technology to be in the clinic within the next year in the UK, although it will take several years before it is fully licensed around the world.