Hair Follicle Banking

What is follicle banking?

Follicle banking involves taking 100 hair follicles by follicle unit extraction (FUE) at a HairClone partner clinic (list of clinics below).

Follicles are then sent to HairClone where they are cryopreserved at temperatures so low that cells enter ‘suspended animation’ and do not age.

Follicles remain the property of the patient and can be requested at any time; for HairClone’s cell therapy or other potential treatments as they become available.

A single banking procedure provides enough follicles for multiple treatments.


Why bank now?

Scientific evidence suggests hair cell quality and number decrease with age. Banking early ‘stops the clock’ and retains high cell activity.

Those with banked follicles will be first in line for HairClone’s personalised cell therapy as soon as regulatory approval is obtained.

Banking provides early revenue to HairClone in order to accelerate bringing our revolutionary treatment to the clinic.


How do I bank follicles?

Follicles can only be banked at HairClone’s partner clinics that have been trained and licensed as procurement centres. Please see the list below for locations of our clinical partners:



Farjo Hair Institute, Manchester (Drs Bessam and Nilofer Farjo).  Call 0333 370 4004



California Hair Surgeon, Walnut Creek, CA (Dr Sara Wasserbauer). Call 925 939 4763

Leonard Hair Transplant Associates, Boston, New Hampshire, RI (Dr Matt Lopresti) Call 800 543 0660

Foundation for Hair Restoration, Miami, FL (Dr Jeffrey Epstein) Call 305 666 1774

The Physicians’ Hair Restoration Centre, Houston, TX (Dr Carlos Puig) Call 713 974 1808

Bernstein Medical, New York, NY (Dr Robert Bernstein, Dr Christine Shaver) Call 212 826 2400

The Hair Centre, Charlotte, NC (Dr Jerry Cooley) Call 704 368 4870

Orange County Hair Restoration, Irvine, CA (Dr Ken Williams) Call 949 619 6724

Hair Sciences Centre of Colorado, Denver, CO (Dr James Harris) Call 303 586 6239

Tempus Hair Restoration, Central Florida, FL (Marco Barusco) 877 877 5200



Sure Hair International, Toronto (Dr Aditya Gupta) Call 416 747 7873



The Knudsen Clinic, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra (Dr Russel Knudsen) Call 02 9327 0300



The Knudsen Clinic, Aukland (Dr Russel Knudsen) Call 0800 424 728