Crowdfunding: Enabling everyone to invest in HairClone


We are pleased to announce the start of our crowdfunding campaign with Capital Cell

.    Equity crowdfunding works by allowing members of the public to invest  and become owners of shares in a company. Typically, such early stage investing in companies like HairClone is only available to “accredited” investors who meet certain financial criteria but through the equity crowdfunding campaign anyone can become an investor in HairClone.

Your investment will help to accelerate HairClone’s development of  cell based rejuvenative and regenerative treatments for Androgenic Alopecia and you would share in the growth of what could be an extremely valuable Company.  Surgical hair restoration is already a $4.1 Billion a year market and this only treats a small number of patients, HairClone is working to expand this market with additional treatment options.

For more information and to let Capital Cell know that you are interested in pledging an investment, please go to Capital Cell

and follow the instructions.

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