Crowdfunding: Enabling everyone to invest in HairClone

  We are pleased to announce the start of our crowdfunding campaign with Capital Cell

.    Equity crowdfunding works by allowing members of the public to invest  and become owners of shares in a company. Typically, such early stage investing in companies like HairClone is only available to “accredited” investors who meet certain financial criteria...
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Welcome to our newest Clinical Partner

HairClone is really pleased to welcome Dr Marco Barusco as our latest clinical partner. Dr Barusco is the Chief Medical Officer of Tempus Hair Restoration with clinics across central Florida. Known internationally for his natural artistic ability, experience and innovative nature, Dr. Barusco has been a driving force in the hair transplant industry. His accomplishments also...
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Dr Robert Bernstein joins Dr Puig as our second banking associate

A warm welcome to Doctor Bernstein, founder of the Bernstein Medical-Centre for Hair Restoration, New York, who joins us this week as our second Banking associate. Dr Bernstein is  well respected and highly thought of within the industry,  he is recognised for his contribution in developing Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the procedures that...
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